About US Page!

Your “About Me” page is one of the single most powerful ways to define your brand, stand out from your competition, and make potential clients feel they can’t NOT hire you. So why, then, are you neglecting it? Here’s how to write a killer “About Me” page to capture more clients.


Here is a crazy statistic: 92% of consumers in the U.S. want their favorite brands to tell more stories. We already know that consumers prefer an experience over a product or service and eat up content as if their lives depend on it. That’s why there has been so much talk surrounding content marketing and how useful it is in today’s business climate. However, even if you’re a content-churning king, but don’t have a substantial “About Me” page, you’re probably losing potential photography clients.

People shopping around for a photographer are looking for the same credibility within a business as any other consumer. Photography clients are willing to fork over a considerable amount of money, so long as they trust the photographer with whom they’re entering into business. Not even considering the fact that your “About Me” page is one of the first places potential clients visit when they arrive on your website, the idea of wanting to build credibility and trust amongst your potential clients should be reason enough to make you want to have an engaging, intentional, and well-thought-out “About Me” page. Here are a few tips to help you have a robust, interesting, and engaging “About Me” section on your website.

Don’t Write in Third-Person

I’m sure you’ve read an “About Me” page written in the third person in the past. There is a time and a place to have a bio about yourself written in third-person, but your website is not one of those places. The main goal of having a good “About Me” page is to establish a relationship with your potential client. Writing in third-person perspective immediately creates a disconnect because of how formal third-person tends to be. You want there to be a certain amount of authenticity, vulnerability, and intimacy that a third-person perspective simply cannot achieve. You want your clients to feel as if they’re getting to know you, the person, and not you the business. When writing copy for your “About Me” page, write in first-person. Write with your voice, and don’t be generic. 

Tell a Story

Speaking of not being generic, you want to tell your website visitors a story without sounding generic. With your primary goal being to establish a relationship and build trust with potential clients, you want to tell them about yourself as authentically as possible and using a voice that is unique to you. Tell a story about how you became a photographer and the struggles you’ve overcome while traveling on your journey. Including a struggle within your bio story will help the reader feel that you are more relatable and is a nod toward vulnerability. Within your story, you can also talk about where you are currently, both personally and with your business. This is also a good place to mention any accolades, accomplishments, and projects. Finish up your bio story letting your potential clients know what your short-term and long-term goals are for the future. You want potential clients to know you have a vision for your business in the future. Talking about future plans also helps to strengthen your business’ credibility.


Write with the same voice that you’d speak to clients. Your personality is a big selling point for clients, particularly if we’re considering that the modern client wants an experience, and not just a photography service performed. You want to let your personality shine through your “About Me” page so that potential clients feel that they already know you before even reaching out to you. Your personality is one of your most significant assets in business because it will also help to set you apart from your competitors. Often, photographers are concerned with achieving great SEO results so their websites can be found, but if you don’t have anything on your website that is setting you apart from your competitors and making clients want to book you, what is the use in being found online? Believe it or not, your personality adds value to your business and will always be the main factor when someone is booking you for your services. 

Include a Photo of Yourself

Probably one of the most frequent mistakes photographers make, not including a photo of yourself within your “About Me” is causing you to lose potential clients. Going back to the idea that your “About Me” section is meant to build trust and credibility, not having a photo of yourself causes a disconnect wherein clients can’t feel a connection to you, even with a compelling “About Me” page. There needs to be a photo to put a face to your brand, your portfolio, and your story.

I understand why this is often overlooked, as it can be uncomfortable jumping in front of the camera when us photographers are so used to being behind the camera but is essential for having a solid brand for your business. You are your brand, your business is based on you as a person, and so you need to have a photo (or photos) of yourself on your “About Me” page.

If you haven’t taken the time to build a strong “About Me” page, make it a goal for yourself in 2018. You’ll find that more clients will book you because they feel they can relate to you. Another added bonus to having a great “About Me” section is that you’re including even more content on your website for visitors to consume, which can reflect well with search engines like Google. You really can’t lose when it comes to having a great “About Me” page but stand to lose many clients without one.

What does your “About Me” page say about you? What have you written that has resonated with clients? Let us know in the comments!

Lead image by Pixabay.com via Pexels.